Sunday, 17 February 2019

50 Years

The Australia Post courier delivered the shed electrical distribution board early this morning.  So early that I was still asleep!  Anyway, Jan accepted it.  Another cheap purchase from eBay.

Obviously it needed to be fitted which I decided to do before it got too hot.  It's been some time since I last fitted a switchboard and I've seen too many boards where the reverse looks like a birds nest.  Fifty years ago, when I'd started my apprenticeship, my 'master' was a tyrant demanding both speed and neatness.  He taught me well and I've always endeavoured to keep my wiring tidy.

The white cable loop sticking out of the box is actually plastic covered steel curtain wire.  It's the drawer cord for the yet to be installed main power and earth cables.

I've fitted a temporary supply cable to the power board whilst I wait for the necessary energy and enthusiasm to dig the cable trench from the shed to the house.

You can see the 32mm diameter grey plastic conduit for the power cable below.  The white cord is for pulling the main earth through the wall.  To the left is an orange conduit which carries the power cable for the bench saw plug which is in the middle of the concrete floor. 

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