Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Heatwave Continues

Whilst we are forecast to have a relatively cool day with the temperature around the high 20’s or low 30’s the other mainland States are not going to fair as well with 40C being the norm.  I do feel for one small town in South Australia where the mercury is predicted to reach 50C.

Yesterday it was a case of working on the trailer for short periods with long intervals cooling down under the air conditioner drinking beer (one has to rehydrate).  The air-con is certainly worth it’s money and we’re also very pleased it runs on free solar electricity.

The lower compartment of the trailer is almost complete.  I need to make a wiring connection for the fridge and do something about the gap behind the kitchen [B].

trailers lower

The storage box with the side opening door has fitted behind the fridge [C] and the original two storage boxes I made for the August outback trip fit snugly alongside [A].  Both these boxes are 400mm cubes which leave me a 400 cube void behind the kitchen (red arrow).

I’m thinking this might be an ideal location for the gas bottle which is currently attached to the outside of the trailer.  This is a land to which people were transported for stealing a loaf of bread so an unsecured gas bottle would be fair game. Smile

The problem is the maximum height is 400mm and the gas bottle exceeds that.  Then I realised the box slid on rails which means there is a 30-40mm gap underneath them.  I could cut a circular hole in the base of the planned box lowering the height of the bottle inside the box.  But it’s just too hot to go out and do any measuring.


Geoff Turnbull said...

Would there be good ventilation under the LPG bottle? Is there anything in the fridge that could make a spark? Geoff

Tom and Jan said...

Good point Geoff.

The plan is to only carry the bottle inside the trailer. It would need to be removed to connect it to the stove. Provided I fully turn off the gas before storage there shouldn't be an issue. But you do have me rethinking the idea!