Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Red Sky at Night

What’s the expression…. “Red Sky at Night – Shepherd’s Delight.  Red Sky in the Morning – Shepherd’s Warning.

A very red sky as I was returning home from my walk yesterday evening.


The problem was…… The sun sets in the west and that photo was taken to the south!  Has the earth slipped on its axis?

Today I decided to treat Jan to a meal out.  Obviously I had to find somewhere really cheap and unfortunately the charity soup kitchen was closed.  We ended up jostling with the other grey wrinklies in the queue at Sizzlers.  This is where for a fixed price you can each as much as you want from the salad bar.  The salad bar includes soup, pasta and desserts.  Drinks are extra, so we take along our own water. 

By the time I took the above photo I’d stuffed myself with soup, two helpings of main course (mostly crab sticks) and a dessert of apple crumble with ice cream.  Full as an egg….. which is probably why the photo is out of focus.   I really need to starve myself during the previous 24 hours.

Naturally the idea of working on the various projects in the afternoon didn’t appeal.  However the postie delivered my Chinese ‘knock-off’ Anderson plugs while we were out, so I decided to complete the last of the trailer wiring.

This last part is the wiring for the fridge which has a 12V cigarette type plug on the end.  A female cigarette socket is $20 and being a cheapskate I didn’t want to go down that path.  The replica Anderson Plugs cost $13 for 10.

I sweated and burped for a few hours in the afternoon wiring finally fitting the plug before testing the setup.

As you can see; I found an old lead with a female cigarette socket on the end.  The fridge male socket connects to it.  One the other end I have two Anderson Plugs which connects the trailer 12V battery to the fridge.  That’s the last of the trailer wiring.  I’m now waiting on the router bit from China so I can finished the trailer upper floor.

Meanwhile we stopped at Bunnings enabling me to buy the last of the timber framing for one wall and a waterproof switch for the future pool pump.  Have I previously mentioned Jan wants a swimming pool? 

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