Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Have I found a solution?

Thanks readers for letting me know you could see both photos in the last post.  Maybe I’ve found a solution to the problem.  But first; what is the problem. 

Basically it has been caused by Google abandoning an API used by Open Live Writer.  In simple terms an API is a protocol which enables two separate programs to accept information.  Open Live Writer was written using a Google API which enabled photos inserted into OLW being accepted by Google into Blogger.  Google has abandoned the API which means the OLW photos aren’t recognised and the post is rejected by Blogger.  Leave out the photos and the API isn’t required so the post will be published.  In order for OLW to work how it used to the developers of OLW will need to re-write OLW to include an new Google API.  That’s a big task for a group of volunteers.  And what stops Google from abandoning that API. 

So what is my 3rd method.

1.  You need a Google Photo’s account where you place the photos you want to include in your blog post.  In Google Photos I’m creating a new photo album for each month. 

2.  I share this album by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the menu bar and select share with everyone.  I’m not sure if this step is necessary…. but I’m doing it!

3.  Upload photos to Google Photos

4.  Have both OLW and Google Photos open.

5.  Start writing the draft blog post.  When you get to the point where you want to insert a photo go to Google Photos and click on the photo you want to insert.  This brings up the photo into it’s own screen.  I’ve clicked on the photo of the trailer freezer.

6.  Right click on the photo to bring up the popup window and left click on “copy image address”

7.  Go to OLW and click on the ‘Insert’ option on the Toolbar.  Click on ‘Picture’.  Click on ‘From the Web’.  Right click in the address field and paste the address you obtained from Google Photos.  The photo should appear in the preview box.

8.  Click on the ‘Insert’ button to insert the photo into your blog post (as seen below)

For those of you using OLW please let me know it this works for you.

My assumption is this method obtains a different API from Google Photos which is then inserted into OLW.  The photo in OLW is then recognised by Blogger.


Jenny and Robin said...

We have been doing something similar that also works. We upload photo to an album in Google Photos, highlight the photo required so that shows on it's own, right click, select copy image, then paste I to OLW. This so far has worked for us.

We also tried uploading to a shared album named Open Live Writer and the above also worked. I don't think a shared album is necessary, the next post will tell.

We are then able to adjust the photo for size in OLW and also the position.

We struck a problem with uploading photos directly into blogger, they were made smaller in volume and size so if you enlarged then in OLW the photos became blurred.

Still working on the problem.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jenny & Robin,
your method appears to be very similar to my 2nd method. However I then discovered some photos couldn't be seen by readers. But they could be seen by me? Hence 3rd method!


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom
My post that has gone live this morning was done with your third method. So far I can see all my photos. Fingers crossed they stay visible and don't disappear as the others did after an hour or so.