Friday, 11 January 2019

But I have been busy

It’s a week since the last blog post.  But I assure you I’ve been busy.  There was some spare space behind the trailer freezer and I decided to utilize it for storage.  This necessitated the manufacture and installation of a partition.  What seemed like a relatively simple task eventually occupied two days as it turned out to be much more complicated than I’d anticipated.  Mostly this was caused by the need to thread the nuts onto the small machine screws.  My eyesight isn’t what it once was and I kept dropping them.  At one point I almost gave up, but then stubbornness set in.  


If the freezer is to work efficiently then it does require a surrounding air gap.  I’ve tested the temperature inside the steel compartment when the freezer isn’t running and discovered it reached 37C.  The freezer will struggle at that temperature so I started thinking about ‘forced airflow.  The compartment has an air filter on either side.


Inside of filter


Outside shroud over filter

Hunting around in the garage I found an old 12V computer fan.  I then made a mounting block from scrap plywood.  The mounting block and fan will fit over the internal side of one of the filters and be connected to the freezer 12V power supply.  It will blow air out of the freezer compartment and (hopefully) suck air in through the opposite filter.


Inside the lower half of the main trailer compartment I’ve completed the trial fit of the 2400mm long heavy duty drawer slides.


The 12V fridge will fit on the near end of the slide with a small storage cabinet behind.  Everything has been made.  I’m just completing the trial fit .  My major issue its once again the small machine screws and nuts.  However it should be completed by the end of next week.  There will be one outstanding issue; the 12V wiring to the fridge.  The cables will need to move backwards and forwards with the fridge, but not foul.

The solar panels have been charging the trailer battery.  Well to be truthful the battery is probably fully charged with the panels only adding between 0.1 – 0.4 Amps (float charge).

I’ve also dug the trenches and installed the underfloor shed pipework in preparation for the laying of the concrete slab.  I had the area nicely level and flat, then Molly decided it was a great place to play and DIG.


The orange pipe is for the power to the bench saw whilst the white is a 100mm sewer pipe.  NO, I’m not installing a toilet in the middle of the shed floor!  It’s for the sawdust extraction system I intend to make and install.

I should probably describe the problems I’ve had with the Raspberry Pi, but that can wait.

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