Thursday, 6 December 2018

Still Vibrating

It’s been a day of working in the backyard.  After previously levelling the land for the “man cave” my helper decided her master had constructed a playground.  Yes, Molly has successfully dug up the ground.


It will have to be re-levelled.  But not until the day prior to the laying of the concrete slab.

I cut down the large palm tree in the middle of the lawn, first removing the fronds and then cutting the truck a foot above ground level.  The last part of the task was the remove the stump and root ball.  Jan wanted it removed.  However I’m in trouble for completing the task without warning her.  Apparently I’d forgotten she wanted to dry the washing on it. 


Looks like we will have to go dirty until the replacement arrives tomorrow!

The final task was the breaking up of the remaining three large rocks from the former corner rockery. 


I did try lifting them but felt the pressure release valve start to twinge during the initial attempt. Smile

They need to be broken into “man size” pieces so I can load them into the trailer and be transported the 35km to the recycling centre.  My brother-in-law has come to my add offering the use of his electric jackhammer.


Obviously I’m getting old as I struggled to lift the jackhammer, let alone operate it.


In the end I resorted to leaning on the handle allowing the weight of my fat relaxed muscle to provide some force behind the vibration.  It didn’t take long for me to realize these weren’t rocks but blocks of concrete.  And very hard concrete.

Eventually they were broken into man portable pieces


An hour after finishing with the jackhammer and I’m still vibrating.  Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have removed any of the relaxed muscle.  The remainder of the day will have to be spent at rest preparing for tomorrow’s task of loading all the rubbish into the trailer I’ve borrowed.

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