Monday, 10 December 2018

Rails are fitted

I now have the rails installed inside the trailer compartment.  They will be finished after a coat of paint.  A sheet of 18mm plywood (red line) will go horizontally on top of the top rails dividing the compartment.  Access to the top will then be via the hinged lid and the bottom area via the tailgate.


The left side rails are the exact width of the storage boxes I made for the first outback trip.  The first box will be my dry goods pantry and the second will contain spare parts, etc.  There will be a  long sliding platform on the right.  At the front will be the fridge with a storage compartment behind.

The modifications to the tailgate hinges are also finished.  As mentioned previously, I cut the back out of each hinge which would have weakened it.  To rectify this I made four triangular steel gussets which have been welded above and below the hinge providing more strength.


The steel support cradle I made for the battery shield has also been completed.  Today I gave it a protective coat of thick bituminous rubber paint.  The AGM battery was also fitted into the plywood battery box (rear arrow).  Tomorrow I’ll buy a piece of thin sheet steel plate which will go on top of the aluminium battery shield sealing the battery from any water.

Battery Box

With a little luck the battery will be installed on Wednesday.

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