Saturday, 1 December 2018


It was quite a shock when I realised a week had passed since the last blog post.  Probably a combination of laziness and not much of interest to write about.  The week passed with me cutting various pieces of steel for the trailer modifications<boring>.  However I did manage to complete more of the wiring. 

I decided there should be two external plugs on the trailer for the solar panels.  It made sense to have an input plug on either side.  hopefully this will minimize any potential tripping hazard with the cable between the panels and trailer.  The plan being the panels will be on the sunny side of the trailer whilst the sensible user will be on the shady side.  Who wants to be burned to a crisp in the fierce Australian heat.

I’ve used Anderson plugs and after some scrounging around also found a couple of pieces of scrap steel left over from the modification to the water tank pump housing.

On the right side the plug is protected from flying stones by the mudflap, mounting bracket and the numberplate. 


The left plug is protected by the mudflap and the steel mounting bracket.


I want to have the ability to recharge the trailer battery using my CTek 240V/12V charger and have fitted another Anderson plug to the rear of the trailer.  This plug isn’t as well protected so I may yet have to move or modify it.


The kitchen has been installed.  The reel of solder ordered from China arrived but to my consternation it won’t melt using my soldering iron.  My guess is I need to use a gas torch.  In the interim I’ve ordered more solder from an Australian supplier.

The welding of the steel runners I fabricated during the week might be fitted tomorrow.  They go inside the trailer to form part of the slide mechanism for my storage boxes.  Time permitting,  I might even get the battery box installed.

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