Friday, 7 December 2018

Geoff Came….

Geoff arrived in his ute mid morning.  We’ve not previously met Geoff and are probably not likely to see him again.  Geoff is the clothesline man and delivered Jan’s new wall clothesline ordered via the internet.  Geoff was quite prepared to install the new clothesline…… for a price!  However I politely declined his kind offer.   Perhaps I should have accepted as the included instructions weren’t that easy to follow.


The packaging box was certainly well sealed.  After laying out all the components I measure the NW facing brick wall and started drilling holes.  Everything went to plan until I managed to thread the cord from the wrong direction and reached the point where the end of the cord was at one end of the frame whilst the cord anchor point was at the other.  All the cord had to be removed and that part of the assembly process re-done.


It’s sufficiently high that you can walk underneath it in the erected position, yet the cords are still within Jan’s reach.  Fortunately we are both around the same height.  Not that I have any intention of playing with her new toy!  I think she was so excited she had to go and play with her other toy just so she could use this one. Smile

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Jenny said...

Lucky Jan,just what she wanted!