Saturday, 29 December 2018


OK, it’s only the 12V distribution board that has been completed…. But it’s a milestone!

I have to mention it was darned hot during the entire time it took to test and fit the board.  However I’m not complaining as other parts of the country are experiencing temperatures in the mid to high 40’s.

The first test was whether the solar panels would charge the battery.

They weren’t! Sad smile  I tracked the problem down to a partially fitted pin connector in one of the Anderson plugs.  With that rectified the Watt Meter sprang to life.

The meter is fitted before the MPPT controller.  As you can see in the above photo the panels are producing 1.73 amps at 20.79V

The consumers Watt Meter was showing a voltage of 14.33V which indicated the MPPT controller was working.  The amps were zero as nothing was turned

The power cable between the trailer and solar panels was then connected between the trailer and the 4x4 to test whether the vehicle alternator would charge the battery via the DC to DC charger.  You may be able to see the illuminated Alternator LED in the bottom left of the Projecta DC to DC charger.

The last test was the 12V to 240V inverter.  First I tested the USB port by connecting it to the Samsung Tablet. <success>.

 Then I plugged my electric razor into the 240V.  It started to charge!

 With everything now working I fitted the front panel before installing the board in the trailer compartment.

The solar panels are once again connected to the trailer and the battery is being charged.

Time to move on to the next stage of the build.

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