Sunday, 23 December 2018

10 minute laundry

OK, we’re experiencing a heat wave.  Yesterday the temperature in our suburb exceeded 40C.  It was probably slightly cooler at the coast as there would be a sea breeze coming off the Indian Ocean.  I do pity the recently arrived UK tourists.  Last night one was interviewed on the TV News and commented “Two days ago I was in England and it was 2C”.  Quite a shock!  I attempted to do some work on the trailer wiring this morning and was driven back inside after a few minutes as I could feel the sun burning through my thin TShirt.  The wiring can wait.  Actually I burned my hand touching the metal on the trailer two days ago!

The air conditioning systems in the house are struggling.  The 35 year old evaporative ducted system which is supposed to cool the entire house rumbles away delivering warm moist air.  It’s well past its “used by” date and urgently needs replacing.  However replacing air conditioning units in the middle of summer isn’t a smart financial move.  Better to wait until winter when the installers are desperate for a sale and price accordingly.  The refrigerated ‘split’ unit is working but it only has the capacity to cool the living room.  These days modern refrigerated units are much more energy efficient and we are leaning towards installing another one or possibly two split units in the kitchen and master bedroom

Jan has gone all green using renewable energy (wind and solar) to dry the laundry.  Actually she only has to peg it out for 10 minutes on her new line before it’s dry.  Apparently tomorrow and Christmas Day aren’t going to be much cooler.  We have been invited to my brother’s for Christmas Brunch.  They have a swimming pool which will have an instant cooling effect should we get too hot. 

Jan says she misses winter on the boat!

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