Monday, 19 November 2018

I’m bemused

Sorry, I can’t but help it be bemused by the latest BREXIT news.  How did No10 manage to make such a mess of the negotiations.  The proposed arrangement appears to be a combination of the worst of the “remain” or “crash out” options.  One could argue the EU is being consistent.  David Cameron unsuccessfully attempted to win concessions from the EU which would satisfy the UK public.  However there wasn’t much in the way of substance to the concessions and he went on to lose the referendum.  Now the EU appears to have done the same to Theresa May. 

The news here is UK polling suggests the majority of voters have had a change of heart and would vote to remain should there be a second referendum.  Is the UK going to be like the Danes and Irish and keep holding referendums until they realise they have to give the right answer. Smile

My instincts tell me Theresa isn’t going to survive and the current ‘deal’ won’t get through Parliament.  It’s all rather interesting.

Yesterday I visited the local hardware store and purchased a small sheet of thin mild steel.  I had intended to purchase aluminium, however it was just too expensive to waste on a first attempt at making the front panel for the trailer power distribution board.  The aluminium would have been easier to cut but I’m going to persevere with the steel.  I plan on cutting the steel with a jigsaw and realised this would likely rip and tear the metal.  So I decided to strengthen the thin steel plate by gluing a piece of 4mm plywood to the back.  Not wanting to waste money on a quality glue I opted to use some of the left over carpet adhesive from the 4x4 project.


The plywood on the reverse of the metal sheet

Before I can commence cutting I need to mark the ‘cut-outs’ on the steel.  Lead pencil doesn’t work.  I’m now looking for a fine tip permanent marker pen.  However I’ve also had another thought.  I should make a template from 4mm plywood first to test my panel theory.

This next photo shows the distribution box with all its components


I then measure and marked a piece of 4mm plywood before cutting out the panel


Finally a test fit in the trailer locker


Some minor adjustments to the plywood template are required and then I can attempt to cut out the final panel.


Mike Griffin said...

The problem is you have a remainer (T. May) trying organising the Brexit terms......long term leaving will be the best option, but, I guess we will keel over and let the EU walk all over us and sadly give up our fishing rights.

Really we should just say these are our terms we leaving take it or leave it - economically they need us more than we need them.

Interesting article last week about a couple and baby who sadly perished on the road going north from Alice Springs, they left the car which had reserves of food and water to try and walk to an isolated stop - Wallander?.

Jim said...

It's no surprise that the negotiations over our withdrawal agreement from the EU have ended up satisfying nobody. It will always be impossible to negotiate a better deal than the one we have as a member. At this moment in history we are cursed with some of most incompetent and mendacious politicians we have ever had - in government and opposition alike.

After a few years experience of life on the outside we'll be begging to be let back in. And if they'll have us back (a big if) I hope they make us sign up to the Euro and the Schengen (border-free) agreement so that we'll be full members, not half in as we are now.

Tom and Jan said...

Mike it was a very isolated road and the people were seriously under prepared (poor vehicle, little water, no communications, etc). When you fail to adequately plan the consequences can quickly become fatal.

Tom and Jan said...

Jim I agree that the current deal (before leave) was rather good for the UK with respect to the Euro and Schengen. If the UK were to rejoin then it would have to accept the standard arrangements. Life after the EU may or may not be bad for the UK. But the British public will know they are in control of their own destiny and their politicial leaders will not be able to blame the EU. The EU was never going to agree to a good deal for the UK because it might open the floodgates to other members.

I suspect things will be tough for a few years but there are many countries that are not members of the EU would are managing to progress.

Jim said...

So a "few tough years" and then we will "manage to progress". Doesn't sound like a very good deal to me. In today's interconnected world no country, especially a small offshore island, can ever be in charge of its own destiny, that's why the 27 other members show no sign of following us out of the door. That fact alone should give some people pause for thought.
Our political leaders are already blaming remain supporters for "sabotaging" the excellent deal they promised us during the referendum campaign but were never going to be able to deliver and will no doubt blame the EU for "punishing" us when things go wrong.
At least the millionaires and right wing extremists behind the Leave campaign will benefit from the scrapping of environmental and financial controls that will shortly follow after we free ourselves from European "red tape".

Pip and Mick said...

I doubt very much that the "Deal" will get through parliament leaving us three options: just leave without a deal, hold another referendum or hold a general election. Personally I hope it turns into a general election so that we can get rid of this complete car crash of a government. Unfortunately the Opposition aren't much better but they could hardly be worse. Leaving without a deal would be an absolute disaster to the UK economy but the brexiteers don't seem to realise that. It would also introduce a border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. This would kill off the hard fought for Good Friday Agreement and who knows what that might lead to.
And where is the man who got us into this utter utter shambles David Cameron? He's just run away from the mess that he has created and been very quiet. I wonder if he sleeps at night.

Tom, you might call them interesting times, I call them very worrying. Do they have canals in New Zealand? I wonder how much it would cost to get Oleanna shipped over there!