Sunday, 4 November 2018

Double Trouble

Why is it that simultaneously two separate things always go wrong?  There is a major problem with the camper kitchen.  It’s too high for the opening!  This is extremely annoying as I have the CAD drawings and dimensions of the opening from the manufacturer.  It appears we have version 3 of the trailer and the drawings are from version 2.  The tailgate has been redesigned.  OK, I should have double checked and do assume some of the responsibility.  The easiest way to fix the problem would be to cut 50mm off the top.  However if I do that then the two burner hotplate stove won’t fit.  So I have to cut the bottom off the cabinet and rebuild it.  The kitchen has been built to withstand the rigours of cross country travel which means any modifications are going to be difficult.

Before commencing the reduction in height I decided to complete a “test fit” to the trailer tailgate.  The damned kitchen is also too long! I need to cut 50mm off one end.  So that was the first problem.

The second problem was the Raspberry Pi micro computer.  I did a firmware update (not software) and the @#$%^&* thing stopped working.  No problem…. I have a backup image.  But that didn’t work!  Not to worry I have a backup of the backup…. But that also didn’t work!  Being a “belt and braces” type I have a backup of the backup of the backup.  Nope…. that didn’t work either.  As a consequence I’ve spent an entire day rebuilding the system from the basics.

Has anything positive happened to us?  Jan won $2 on Powerball.  Please respect our privacy whilst we decide what to do with this windfall!

Oh, a burglar broken into the house the other night.  He was silently sneaking across the lounge room when a voice quietly said “Jesus is watching you!”   Startled he looked around but couldn’t see anyone.  After two further steps the voice repeated “Jesus is watching you!”  That’s when he noticed in the corner there was a cage with a large parrot in it.  Walking over he asked the parrot “Was that you speaking?”  The parrot said “Yes!”.  “What’s your name?” said the burglar. “Clarence” said the parrot.  “What idiot gave a bird such a stupid name?” said the burglar.  “The same idiot that named the Rottweiler Jesus” said the parrot.

Well I’d better go and make a start on demolishing the kitchen.

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