Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The pound is down



Well I’ve been busy in the backyard.  The story goes like this.   Harsh and hot West Australian sunlight fades clothes very quickly, therefore Jan wants to use the clothesline under the carport.  However the carport is where I’ve set up the power tools and workbench.  The solution is to build a ‘man cave’, but in order to do this the dilapidated shed in the bottom corner of the garden needed to be removed.  Next the sewer main needs to be dug up and checked as the concrete pad for the new shed will be on top.  In digging up the sewer pipe I discovered a spaghetti junction of water reticulation pipes.  Jan also wanted the gardens around the fence line removed so she could have more room for her fruit trees.  However the verge garden have been built up meaning there is surplus soil.  The end result is I need to remove all this surplus soil, relocate the water reticulation system, install concrete kerbing to create a mowing strip and re-lay lawn in what was the garden strip.  The surplus soil needs to be moved to the site of the new man cave.

All this sounds terribly easy but I’m discovering a combination of age, sunlight and heat is resulting in slow progress.  

There was a rockery in the far corner which I’ve now removed.  The rocks need to go somewhere?  Jan would like a swimming pool.  The rocks could go into a pool sump pit.  I’ll need to dig a hole to create the sump.  Where will I put the soil (sand) from the hole? 


The water reticulation piping needs to be moved.  It’s too close to the fence and will foul the new concrete mowing strip.  It will also have to go deeper as there will be pop-up sprinklers.

The lawn where the shed will go needs to be lifted and relocated to cover the former garden verge strip.  With the lawn gone I can dump surplus soil (sand) onto the site and raise the level of the concrete pad.  That will ensure the shed doesn’t flood.  But first I need to have the sewer connection inspected.

The rotary clothes line will be surplus to requirements when the shed has been built and my workshop under the carport is relocated.  That will leave a hole needing filling.  But all the surplus sand will be under the concrete pad.  OK.  I have to remember not to place all the surplus sand under the shed.  I’ll need to double handle some of the sand.


I’m getting exhausted just planning this work! Smile

Oh… did I mention I’ve pressure washed the fences and they now need to be repainted.  But that can’t be done until the gardens have been removed, the reticulation relocated and the lawn laid.  But it has to be done before the shed is built.

The good news is the camper trailer should be ready for collection tomorrow.


stevefree said...

Just replace your faded clothes and save all the effort!

Tom and Jan said...

I like a lateral thinker! :-)