Thursday, 25 October 2018

Solar partially solved

A phone call to our electricity provider resulted in a visit from one of their ‘power quality’ technicians.  He identified a potential fault with the street power pod which supplies our house.  Within an hour a team arrived to replace the pod.  Whilst they were doing that the technician tested the network voltage to the house.  It was almost on the maximum allowable limit so he switched our supply across to one of the other phases with a lower voltage.  This has allowed our solar system to feed more electricity back into the network.  Not as much electricity as I had hoped…. But it’s a start!

Jan has been going through more of our UK shipping and discovered some small metal pudding bowls which she then experimented with.   I became the chief tested.


Hummm  Steamed pudding with home made jam and yoghurt.  The pudding was fluffy and light.  Fortunately Jan has six bowls Smile  Oh, they have “made in Birmingham” on the base.

Postman Pat delivered my replacement fitness band strap today.  The Xiaomi Mi Band cost around $A30 and has proven to be accurate.  I also like the fact the battery lasts at least 30 days.  The problem was the strap which tended to unlatch when brushed against clothing or a hard edge.  We found a replacement strap on eBay for $A2.


Old strap on the left

The camper trailer kitchen is 50% complete.  you will hopefully get an idea of the finished product from the photo below.

Two drawers on the left for utensils whilst the larger compartment on the right will hold the large dutch oven and collapsible washing up bowls.   I’m going to permanently mount the burner in it’s current location once the kitchen is complete.  The kitchen will have a lid which will fold out to the left to create a benchtop.  There will be a vertical sliding door in the front to secure everything inside the kitchen when the trailer is moving.  This door will have a dual purpose serving as a lower extending benchtop.  I salvaged the drawer runners from an old cabinet several years ago thinking at the time “someday they will be useful!”


Tomorrow (I hope) the replacement part should arrive for the Hisense TV. 

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