Friday, 5 October 2018

Shed preparations and the Camper Trailer

More digging today as the main sewer pipe to the house needed repairing.  This is the second time I’ve dug up the pipe in 10 days and I can assure you there won’t be a third time.

Sand is easy digging; except that it has a tendency to collapse back into the hole.  Eventually I cleared the connection between the house sewer and the neighbourhood deep sewer pipe.  The ‘T’ junction fitting had cracked and roots from the neighbours tree had penetrated into the pipe.  They weren’t causing a blockage but that might have come at some future date.  As I’m going to be laying a concrete pad for the shed I wanted to make sure there wasn’t going to be an issue in our lifetime. 

After cutting out the old junction with a saw and chisel a new junction was glued in place.


The new pipe.  horizontal line from the house and a vertical pipe down to the deep sewer.  Thre pipe above the connection is for inspection


This is the point where the old connection had cracked.

It took me almost an hour to backfill the hole (I’m getting old!)

We’ve taken delivery of the new camper trailer.  The first thing we discovered was it only fitted through the garage roller door by a gnats nagger.  Actually we had to disconnect it from the 4x4 to get it low enough.  Jan and I then pushed it back through the garage and carport to a location on the back lawn.

I need to lower the overall height and have achieved this by removing the steel cage from on top of the trailer.


The trailer company have agreed to exchange the cage for a batwing awning mounting bracket.



Not quite the vivid yellow I’d anticipated.  However it should stand out in the desert.   Just need to find the time to start the modifications.


Judith Emery said...

Hi Tom and Jan
We're moored in Braunston for last night and what did we see but Waiouru go sailing past! Nice to see her being used. We've spent the summer on the Nene, Middle Levels and Great Ouse and tributaries and are now on our way to Stourport for the winter, not in a hurry but have to get past a stoppage by 5th November at Dimmingsdale lock. You certainly keep busy with work round your property and now your trailer to modify. Have fun.
Judith and John nb Serena

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Judith,
We heard Waiouru's home mooring was in Dunchurch Pools Marina and you're not the first reader to tell us you've seen here in Braunston.

Rather envious of your summer cruising as it's somewhere we didn't manage to fit in. Are you staying on board during winter or heading to Wales?

Judith Emery said...

It was our first time down that way, there was a festival of water at St Neots. Don't think we will be heading back that way again, it's not as easy for mooring as the canals are. We will stay on board only going to Wales for a couple of weeks for Christmas and to spend time with the granddaughters.
Judith nb Serena