Monday, 15 October 2018

Modifying the Cage

Reader you may recall the camper trailer came with a rooftop cage which I subsequently removed as the trailer only just ‘squeaked’ through the garage.  The cage has been propped against the side of the house whilst I considered whether to return it or do something else.


The trailer supplier had agreed to exchanging the cage for a batwing awning mounting bracket. But then I had one of those rare eureka moments.  And I wasn’t even in the bath!

My plan was to cut the top off the cage converting it into a roof rack which would fit on top of the trailer.  This would lower the overall height by 180mm thereby enabling us to move it through the garage without the height issue.  Anything to be carried on top of the trailer can be added once it’s out of the garage.

Out came the trusty Aldi electric reciprocating saw and angle grinder.  Five hours later I had the top cut off the cage.


All the sharp burrs were filed smooth before giving the bare metal a coat of primer.  After the primer had dried I gave it two coats of black Hammertone paint to match the original.


I also retrieved the hinges and catches from the original cage doors.  My plan is to attach an awning mounting bracket to the rack.  It will be hinged (blue lines in photo below) for storage and also whilst on the move.  When the trailer is static I’ll raise the awning bracket and lock it in place with the original cage door hinges and catches.

rack design

I think I may just have solved the height problem!

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