Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Reader on the far side of the world may not know there is a strawberry crisis here in Australia.  A sewing needle was found in a strawberry purchased from one of the major supermarket chains.  Of course this was reported in the media which resulted in numerous ‘copycat’ incidents.

This has wrecked havoc with the strawberry industry right at the peak of the harvest and tonnes of strawberries have been dumped as a result.

If you cut up the strawberries then there is little chance of biting on a needle.  Actually there are millions of strawberries and only a 100 reported incidents so the odds are rather good on not having a problem.

For our part, we went picking as the local strawberry farm.  That reduces the chances of finding a needle.

To our surprise it was the first time Carlin and Monique had picked fruit.  Obviously they’ve never scrumped on the towpath!


One for the tray and one for the mouth.  They won’t want much for lunch today!


Jan is going to cut them up and freeze them.  We will be eating strawberry cake, dessert and jam  until the next harvest.


Judith Emery said...

Still love reading your blog. Enjoyed your road trip. Are you going on the next one on your own? Am I right in thinking that you once blogged about changing the charging port on a Samsung Galaxy? If so could you let me have the link to it?
Judith nb Serena

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Judith

Link to the Samsung port here

Jan isn't expressing much interest in outback camping so I will probably be on my own!