Sunday, 23 September 2018

Day 20 – A change to the plan

It was a very windy night and some of us didn’t get much sleep.  We had planned to drive to Monkey Mia and spend two days swimming with the dolphins (probably feeding them… or watching them being fed) and have a look around Shark Bay.  However the weather forecast was all bad news.  A gale off the Gascoyne coast and heavy showers for the next few days.  Suddenly Monkey Mia didn’t seem all that appealing!  Instead we decided to head back to Perth cutting the trip short by two days.


Driving in the rain.  A sad way to end the trip.  But then it was the only rain we experienced and if you are looking for something positive; then the 4x4 and trailer received a good initial wash.


Just north of Geraldton we entered the north-western WA wheatbelt.  The farmers will be pleased to see the spring rain

You can see our entire route along with the last day (between the arrows) on the map below.

Map Overview

We reached home just before 4.30pm and immediately started unloading and then cleaning the loan camper trailer.  It needed to be returned tomorrow.

As reader Mike mentioned in a comment on yesterday’s post;  the main exterior panels of the 4x4 weren’t that dirty.  However the engine and door seams were full of red dust and the interior was filth with that ultra fine Tanami desert red dust.  It’s going to take several days to get the vehicle back to an acceptable standard of cleanliness.

So what are my thoughts on the trip.

  • It was a long journey in a compressed timeframe
  • The Gunbarrel Highway, the Olgas and Uluru were highlights
  • I’d planned for the worst and it hadn’t happened <phew>
  • The trailer proved to be very robust and I now have some ideas on what modifications I will make to mine when it’s delivered.
  • Carlin and Monique were great company.  Carlin’s mechanical knowledge and skill was very useful.
  • Next time I’ll go slower and stop to see more.
  • The 4x4 exceeded my expectations.  After tens of thousands of corrugations there isn’t a rattle or squeak.
  • I need to improve my culinary skills
  • The trip came in well under budget.  Mostly because of the excellent fuel economy and the freedom camping.
  • Australia is a vast country and some of the latter days were rather boring.
  • I need to do more trips!  


Jenny said...

So pleased you all made it back safely. Guess the motto is, always have an engineer or motor mechanic on board. Plus a chef, maybe.

Halfie said...

Congratulations on completing the trip, and all to schedule. It's been enjoyable following you from the other side of the world.

Tom and Jan said...

Jenny it wouldn't be the first time that my cooking has poisoned me! :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Halfie I now need to do more of them. But first I need to modify my own trailer.

Mike Griffin said...

Excellent travelogue - really enjoyed and following your journey on maps and Google earth.

Good advert for Mitsubishi cars (I run a Hyundai 4x4).

Look forward to the next one.

How Many miles/Km in total?

Makes my trips around Scotland and the Outer Hebredies look easy.....



Tom and Jan said...

Isuzu Mike :-)

The total distance was just under 10,000km.

We've owned a Hyundai.... excellent vehicle!