Saturday, 29 September 2018

Camper Trailer Soon

We drove past the rear fence of the camper trailer compound yesterday and couldn’t see our trailer in the rack awaiting assembly so I telephoned them for an update on when we might expect delivery of the camper trailer.  Middle of next week (hopefully).  My assumption is it will be one of the last to be assembled from the current batch.  Probably not surprising as it will be the cheapest one they sell from this order.  From a commercial perspective it makes sense to assemble and sell the trailers that have the greatest profit first. 

Ours is very basic, with no kitchen, tent or electrics.  Actually it doesn’t even have wheels and rims.  I purchased those second hand and delivered them to the distributor when I returned the hire trailer.

No doubt Jan will be pleased to see the trailer delivered as the front room is overflowing with trailer components and camping equipment. 

During the recent trip I happened to notice both Carlin and Monique had stainless steel thermo flasks which they were using as drinking water containers.  I was rather surprised at the price they had paid and when we were at the local KMart Jan and I went looking for them.  Jan found the flasks in the kitchen area at $8 each, so I bought three.


The two white flasks hold 750ml and I’ll use then as UHT milk containers.  During the outback trip two of the cardboard UHT milk containers started to leak after their bases got caught on a loose steel bolt and hopefully these flasks will avoid that problem reoccurring .  The colourful container will travel in the vehicle with me as a chilled water drinking container.  We also have an older 1.25 litre stainless steel flask which I bought in Dubai back in 1990 which I will use to carry hot water.

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