Saturday, 4 August 2018

Another one almost completed

The external half of the split air conditioning unit has been moved.  But not without a little extra work.  I wanted the pipework and wiring concealed in the cavity between in the inner and out walls of the house.  To achieve this the internal unit had to be moved 150mm to the right and a new hole cut through the wall.  This left the original holes exposed.


You might have noticed the external half of the unit is now up on the wall in the above photo.

A common way to repair these holes would be to inject expanding foam into the hole.  But that costs money!  My solution has been to screw up several sheets of newspaper into balls and force them into the holes before plastering over.


It’s only the first coat of plaster and several more will probably be required.  Yes…. this is a part of the wall recently painted. Sad smile 

I’ve also been busy in the front yard cutting up the trunk of the gumtree with the small electric chainsaw.  The pieces have to be small enough to fit into the “wheelie bin”.

Local blog reader ‘Ken’ and his wife Elaine visited today.  They head to the UK early next week with a three week canal cruise on the agenda.  Lucky them!  With the UK currently experiencing a heatwave they won’t need to acclimatize. Winking smile

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