Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What happened to Blogger

The email problem with Blogger comments has returned.  Actually I hadn’t realised this had occurred until Andrew sent me an email asking if his comment had been received. That prompted me to go directly to the source (Blogger) where I discovered seven unpublished comments from our valued readers.

I’ve now published them and have also replied below

Pip & Mick.   Hi Tom I think it was the Rochdale Canal Company (Pre British Waterways) that sold off their reservoirs to the Manchester Corporation for drinking water supply in the 1950s once their canal had become derelict and disused. On restoration of the canal in 1990s/2000s the reservoirs weren’t available to supply the canal. The Leeds & Liverpool canal never did become derelict so they kept hold of their reservoirs, it’s just that the Leeds & Liverpool never built enough reservoir capacity in the first place! All three Pennine crossings are now due to be closed to all traffic from mid August unless it rains lots and lots. There is no sign of rain in any weather forecast. Good luck with the plastering.

Mick I hadn’t realised the L&L had kept all their reservoirs.  You learn something new every day!  We’re about to receive our third storm in three days.  Strong winds and heavy rain resulting in fallen trees and numerous vehicle accidents.  I’m staying tucked up inside plastering Sad smile

Mike Griffin on Sterner Stuff _ I doubt it, British grit and Stiff Upper Lip; are now so watered down by immigration that we are turning into a nation of; Snowflakes and; struggling in the heat. Excellent blog, your toolkit is better than mine!  Scumbling some boat panels for me to-day.

Don’t undersell yourself Mike.  The nation hasn’t shown much sign of wilting under pressure.  Obviously the unusual heat is going to be an issue as everything is structured around a different climate.  I must confess to being somewhat pleased to have access to a wider range of tool.  If I was a skilled tradesman I could do more with less.  More tools results in a better finish (most of the time).  hope the scumbling has gone well.

Andrew Daykin. Are they Smart Meters like we have in the UK ?

If you mean they have the capability to measure electricity flowing from the grid to the house and from the solar panels back into the grid, then it’s a smart meter.  I suspect the meter can also send that information back to the electricity provider.  I learned something new last week.  Here in Western Australia it is illegal to disconnect from the Grid.  This means even if we become self-sufficient with solar power (panels and batteries) we must remain connected to the Grid and pay the daily service charge.  Moreover, if there is a Grid failure we are not allowed to use the electricity we generate.

Catherine. First time I have seen corner drawers. At least you can access some of the space.

Jan’s choice Catherine.  I don’t think they allow greater use of the available space as there is a triangular void either side of the drawer.

Debby - nb Chuffed. Panty layout Tom? Does Jan know your plans?? :)

Debby I’m never going to be brave enough to design Jan’s pantry.  I might timidly offer the odd minor suggestion! Smile

Pip & Mick. I think you might need to invest in a few more mugs and glasses for your big cupboards Tom! ;)

Jan’s cupboards!  However there should be plenty of room for the beer.

Fran. Hi Tom, we have granite transformation worktops at home and on the boat. The home worktops were done about 10 years ago and still look good, we've got a couple of what I can only describe as impact marks rather than chips (due to items falling out of the cupboard) but you have to look for them. For the boat we used the product they have using glass, as it is lighter, people think it's granite. Hope you are both well.

Jan would have preferred granite transformation in Waiouru’s galley but we went with the granite not realising it wasn’t going to be as durable.  The granite was also heavier.  Jan seems happy with the combination of the dark bench top and the timber cupboards and drawers.  It was suggested to her that a timber kitchen is “dated” and most kitchens these days are primarily white laminate.  No doubt the white laminate will dated with time!


Pip and Mick said...

Hi again Tom

We are getting our emailed comments OK!


Tom and Jan said...

Well I'm not getting them Mick. So your issue is solved and mine has returned. :-(

Jennie said...

I am not getting the emails either, Tom. Jennie

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