Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Stretcher Tent and Wall Repairs

I (eventually) managed to get the new ethernet port in the lounge room working correctly.  The problem was my assumption the data cable installer had wired the other end to the latest standard. I’d therefore wired my new end to this standard only to find the ethernet socket didn’t work.  After pulling apart the other end located in the study I realised the installer had wired it using the old standard.  With that fixed and the connection successfully tested, the channel in the wall was plastered over.

Two further coats of plaster with sanding in between has resulted in the wall being ready for repainting.


Just waiting for the last of the plaster to set before it gets a coat of sealer.

On a more interesting note, a courier delivered the folding stretcher tent I’d ordered for the forthcoming outback trip.  The original plan was to purchase a rooftop tent to go on top of the camper trailer.  During the trip our oldest grandson will sleep in the tent with his girlfriend whilst I slept in the ‘annex’ underneath the tent.  The delivery of the camper trailer has been delayed and the local dealer is lending us their hire trailer for the trip.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have the annex.  This meant I needed a tent. 

Forty years ago I’d have just slept on the ground….. but I’m getting old and soft!  The solution was to buy a single person folding stretcher tent for me to use during the trip.  It also means we can defer any decision regarding a rooftop tent for our trailer. 

The stretcher tent was delivered today.  It’s made by ‘OzTrail’, which doesn’t mean much because all of this style of tent are probably made in the same Chinese factory.

There are two main parts to the tent.  An inner with insect screens and an outer waterproof fly.


If it’s no going to rain I can probably just use the inner.   My luck changed with the mattress.  The tent doesn’t come with a mattress but we happened to be in Aldi where I noticed they were selling self-inflating mattresses at a very reasonable price.  So the green mattress inside the tent is a 50mm thick Aldi mattress and it’s quite comfortable.


Rather snug with the fly on. 

The flooring salesperson arrived today and measured the floor in preparation for the replacement of the floating timber floor.  I really need to get on with the removal of the current floor but am currently waiting for my brother-in-law to return from interstate so I can borrow his trailer to take everything to the tip.  I don’t want to double handle the old floor if I can avoid it.

Meanwhile there is work to be done completing the pantry.

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