Monday, 30 July 2018

Long Gap

Five days since the last post.  I’m getting lazy!  Actually I think I’ve been slightly depressed with the thought of doing all that plastering and painting.  Well it’s now completed (I hope) and I’m starting to feel better.  The kitchen and pantry are almost completed, just the glass splash backs and flooring to be done!  I would have attempted the former but it proved too difficult to find a DIY website.

Once the oven cabinet was completed the oven could be installed.  Doing this wiring also enabled me to get the lights working.



Plenty of light in the kitchen


Doorway through to the pantry

Jan’s now thinking of having glass splashbacks in the pantry.  Now there was a problem with the LED strip light in the pantry.  It wouldn’t work!  I started to think it might be my wiring….. but then I never make a mistake (I reluctantly overcame my modesty to make that last statement). 


Having almost immediately decided I hadn’t made a mistake it was obvious the new fitting was defective and I returned it to the shop.  The store owner was quite defensive telling me “We’ve never had one of these fail”.  I suggested he test it where he discovered it was defective.  No problem with the replacement unit and Jan has been happily stocking her new kitchen and pantry.  There were squeaks of surprise and pleasure as she unpacked five cardboard tea chests of kitchen items that have been in storage for the last 7 years <phew…. no requirement for Christmas presents this year>.

The oven proved to be a slight problem (it’s a German NEFF) and Jan couldn’t change the default language from German to English.  With that overcome she ran it for an hour to burn off the preservative and then baked a lemon cake using some of the fruit from our tree <burp>.  Well I had to be the guinea pig and test the oven was working satisfactorily.

The installers from the flooring company are supposed to arrive today and make a start on the new timber floor.  My guess is they will spend the first day preparing the concrete surface and do the actual installation tomorrow.

Meanwhile our thoughts have turned to the glass sliding door to the patio.  It’s a bit of a choke point and after some discussion Jan has decided she would like it replaced with colonial style French doors.  This will open the room up and also provide easier access into the house for larger objects (ie, appliances and furniture).  However there is an issue.  The installation of the reverse-cycle air conditioning unit was done on the cheap with the cable duct running externally on the wall.  In this location will prevent one of the French doors from fully opening.  I think we need to move the cable duct so it runs vertically from the external unit into the eve and then horizontally to the internal unit.  But if we are going to do that then it makes sense to also move the external unit.  Currently it’s on the ground where it collects dust, leaves and other debris.  I want to relocate it along the wall and up higher.


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