Saturday, 7 July 2018

Kitchen renovations continue

The gaps and joints in the kitchen and pantry plasterboard wall and ceilings were sealed yesterday and then sanded back ready for painting today.


This morning Jan did all the fine detail work with a 2” paintbrush whilst I used the large roller to apply the plasterboard sealer.  The work was completed by 11am and after lunch I then applied the flat white topcoat to the ceiling and cornices.


Tomorrow the walls will be painted which will mean we are on track to achieve the original kitchen renovation completion date. 

After sleeping on it, we have decided to remove the second wall of the original linen cupboard.  It’s a load bearing wall, which means it can’t just be removed.  I’ve installed a second ‘jack stud’ (A in the photo below) to replace the original jack stud (B) which was directing the load from the roof down onto the wall we want to removed.


The original ceiling joist (C) was now too short which meant I had to extend it fitting another beam in behind (D).  All this had to be tied together.  Once I would have used nails, but after the boat fit out I’m doing this type of work using screws. 

There was a light switch on the wall to be removed which would need to be relocated.  The wall removal proved to be easier than I’d anticipated leaving me enough time to relocate the wiring and cut a new channel down the wall for the cables using my Aldi angle grinder.  Once the wiring was installed the channel was plastered up.


I’ve used a couple of small pieces of scrap plasterboard from the kitchen to repair the former cupboard ceiling.  There’s a considerable amount of plastering and sanding to be done before this area is complete.  Actually it will be delayed for at least two weeks as I need to remove the existing timber floor in preparation for a new mock timber formica floor.  We’re going to lay this new floor throughout the kitchen, pantry and lounge room. 

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Ade said...

Tom the roof make up is interesting, I note the tiles fitted directly on the battens no roofing felt or breathable membrane under the tiles?
Nice bit ‘o’ chipping there.
Tom the house sparky to.
Looking good with the paint, Formica floor is that what we call laminate flooring? Hope not awful creaky stuff! Fitted floating.