Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Kitchen floor is down and all appliances installed

We got the kitchen floor laid today and it’s certainly gives the area more character after the previous insipid mock timber floor.


The pantry is now complete, although Jan is thinking about having glass splashbacks installed.


Some careful manoeuvring then took place as Jan and I carefully moved the fridge and freezer into their new locations.  The freezer was more technically challenging as it went into the pantry.  I also had to replace the original plug on the cord to get the freezer to fit.  It wasn’t a coincidence that the freezer fitted into the space.  I actually designed the pantry to make it happen.


The fridge was heavier, but Jan managed under my supervision.  All that paddle and gate work has been a boon!  It’s going to be fun watching her move the new settee. Smile


Jenny said...

Looking good!

Tom and Jan said...

Hurrah... Jenny's comment was advised by email. I may have again fixed the Blogger Comments fault.

Ade said...

Looking good Tom, poor ole Jan send her my regards.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade, I'm pleased the blog comments are again working! Jan now has a tree to remove in the front yard :-)