Friday, 13 July 2018

It’s starting to look like a kitchen

The granite transformation bench tops were installed yesterday.  This isn’t a task I would attempt, however I carefully watched how it was done.  



The dishwasher cavity.  The machine won’t be installed until after the new floor has been laid.


Jan wanted corner drawers


And bi-folding top cupboard doors


The pantry is far from being completed.

The glass splashback company arrived this morning and spent an hour measuring the walls.  I installed the splashbacks on Waiouru but the sheets of glass going in the kitchen are too large for me to manage on my own.  The plan for the panty layout is cabinets without doors under the bench top and shelving above.  There will be a glass splashback between the bench and the underside of the shelving.  Jan should have plenty of room to leave the majority of her appliances permanently on the pantry bench top.

We need to set a date for a “dirty day”.  This will be the day I do the last of the grinding and sanding, plus rip up and remove the original timber flooring throughout the house.  The house will then be in a position to be thoroughly cleaned before I move on to the lovely painting task Sad smile.


Pip and Mick said...

I think you might need to invest in a few more mugs and glasses for your big cupboards Tom! ;)

nb Chuffed said...

Panty layout Tom? Does Jan know your plans?? :)

Catherine VK4GH said...

First time I have seen corner drawers. At least you can access some of the space.