Wednesday, 11 July 2018


What I really needed today was a flexible and fit 26 year old grandson with good eyesight :-)

Only a small amount of kitchen painting today which meant there was some time to work on the 4x4.  I fitted the two-way radio.  I know this because my back constantly reminds me!  This radio was selected because the actual radio can be fitted in a remote location out of sight.  All the controls and the speaker are in the handset which can be unplugged from the radio when not required leaving a ‘clean’ dash.  After considering and exploring various locations for the radio I selected a very tight location behind the passenger foot well trim.


Looking up from floor level

This was the most physically challenging part of the entire job.  I’m simply no longer sufficiently flexible to contort my body into the right position.  The last part of the process took ages as it was mostly done by “feel”.

The aerial cable runs up behind the passenger pillar trim and then under the roof lining to the middle of the front windscreen where I've installed the aerial glass mounting block.


The stubby aerial is almost in the middle of the windscreen (couldn't quite get to the middle because of the rearview mirror mount) and leans back at an angle over the metal roof.  The roof will act as a ground plane amplifying the transmit and receive radio signals.


I'd already noticed a spare "blank" switch plate beside the cigarette lighter socket which looked like a good place to mount the ethernet port for the remote handset cord.  Then I realised the radio came with it's own blank plate; although it was designed to be surface mounted.  I did some modifications (drill and file) before fitting the ethernet socket into the front of the blank switch.  I used Sikaflex to secure it.


The ethernet blank will go into the opening at A.  Ethernet port at B.  Remote handset at C. 


The radio does power up and I have heard traffic.  I'll fit the ethernet port into the opening tomorrow after the Sikaflex has set.

I've also been forced to modify the mounting bracket for the Ultragauge.  The standard mounting bracket wasn’t providing a good enough viewing angle of the gauge.  After some cutting, filing and Sikaflex, the gauge is at the correct angle for viewing from the driver's position.  It's located in the bottom right corner of the front windscreen.   The mounting bracket hasn’t been attached to the windscreen.  I’ve just used duct tape to hold the gauge in the correct position whilst the Sikaflex sets.


I'll fit it permanently tomorrow and then run the cable down through the drivers side window pillar to the OBD2 port under the steering when.

I think that will only leave the fitting of the Kumho tyres and an oil change to be completed on the 4x4 prior to the trip.

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