Tuesday, 10 July 2018

I HATE Painting

In case you have forgotten an earlier post when the boat needed some paintwork repairs…. I HATE PAINTING!  That’s why the weekend wasn’t very pleasant.  We needed to paint the kitchen and pantry before the cabinet fitter arrived on Monday.

Sand back the walls and ceilings. One undercoat/sealer and two top coats.  Jan chose “Hogbristle” coloured paint which was supposed to look off-cream.  It looks more beige to me Smile

By late Sunday afternoon the painting was completed and I could fit the ceiling lights. 

Beau the cabinet installer arrived early Monday and made a start.


Jan is having a glass splashback between the bench and upper cupboards.  Apparently I chose the colour (pale blue). 

By the end of Tuesday it looked like this.


The bench tops will be “Granite Transformation” which is a granite composite material.  It’s harder wearing than natural granite which means (hopefully) won’t chip.

The pressure is on for me to get all the demolition material to the local tip.  However before I do that the rest of the timber flooring has to be removed.  I also need to allocate a “dirty day” where the last of the sanding and brick cutting can be done.

The other project partially completed today was the installation of the two-way radio in the 4x4.  After much searching I finally selected a suitable location for the radio,  It has gone behind the wall in the passenger side foot well.  All the controls and speaker are in the remote microphone handset.  Fitting the handset is another outstanding task.  Oh, I also ran the aerial cable from the radio to a position at the top middle of the front windscreen beside the rear vision mirror.  The cable will connect to a small glass mounted aerial.

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Fran, nb Tamara said...

Hi Tom, we have granite transformation worktops at home & on the boat. The home worktops were done about 10 years ago and still look good, we've got a couple of what I can only describe as impact marks rather than chips (due to items falling out of the cupboard) but you have to look for them. For the boat we used the product they have using glass, as it is lighter, people think it's granite.
Hope you are both well, Fran