Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Have I Mentioned

Have I mentioned that in addition to painting I now hate plastering.  Three days I’ve been plastering the gap in the ceiling like a Danish pastry (layer upon layer upon layer).  Almost done. 

The timber floor has been lifted and taken to the tip.  That left another problem.  Whomever laid the timber floor glued the beading to the wall.  This beading ran around the edge of the floor where it butted against the wall.  The glue (of course) removed the wall plaster when I lifted the beading.  More plastering and sanding now required <grrrrrrrr>.  I’m having a non plastering day!

Looking around for something else to do, I decided to make a couple of timber boxes for the camper trailer.  The trailer hasn’t arrived, which means I can’t measure the tray dimensions and make all the boxes.  However I can make a start.  Today I made two 400mm cubes from 12mm plywood.  The sides are box jointed which should result in them being very strong.  This is important as the trailer and contents will be subject to very severe vibrations.


These two are likely to be food storage containers.  I’ll halve them internally with a lift out tray.  Well maybe one with have an internal tray at the halfway point and the other at ¾.   I’ve decided the lids will lift off rather than being hinged.  A removed lid placed upside down will make a reasonable tray.

There was a brief snip on the evening TV News about water shortages on the Leeds – Liverpool Canal.  We obviously already knew there was a problem from the various bloggers we follow.  No mention was made that a contribution to the lack of water was the historical sale of the upper canal reservoirs.  Not that many Australians would have been particularly interested. 

Occasionally Brexit gets mentioned.  Mostly around the politics of the Conservatives appearing to tear themselves apart.  I must confess to being slightly bemused by the likes of Tony Blair demanding a second referendum.  “You will keep voting until you deliver the right decision!”   If my memory is correct both the Irish and Danish voters had to keep voting until they got it right!  Smile  It will be interesting to see if the British are made of sterner stuff!


Mike Griffin said...

Sterner Stuff _ I doubt it, 'British grit' and 'Stiff Upper Lip' are now so watered down by immigration that we are turning into a nation of 'Snowflakes' struggling in the heat.

Excellent blog, your 'boy's toys' toolkit is better than mine! although it's scumbling some boat panels for me to-day.


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom
I think it was the Rochdale Canal Company (Pre Birtish Waterways) that sold off their resevoirs to the Manchester Corporation for drinking water supply in the 1950s once their canal had become derelict and disused. On restoration of the canal in 1990s/2000s the resevoirs weren't availble to supply the canal.
The Leeds & Liverpool canal never did become derelict so they kept hold of their resevoirs, it's just that the Leeds & Liverpool never built enough resevoir capacity in the first place!
All three Pennine crossings are now due to be closed to all traffic from mid August unless it rains lots and lots. There is no sign of rain in any weather forecast.

Good luck with the plastering.