Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Been Busy

Its been several days since the last post and that’s solely down to us being so busy with the kitchen project.  The cabinets get delivered on Friday and the cabinet maker will arrive on Monday to start the installation.  We therefore need to have everything completed by Monday morning.  That included having the new kitchen and pantry painted.  Everything is GO here!

This next photo is from yesterday.  Today the plasterboard ceiling was installed so it actually looks a little better.


The plastering needs to be completed and the cornices installed.  Then the plasterboard will need to be sealed followed by at least two coats of paint.  All to be completed by Monday.

Jan put on her ‘boatie” hat and realised we had some unused space above the fridge cavity (red arrow).  I’ll rectify that after the cabinets are installed by creating a long term storage cabinet.

My brother-in-law kindly helped me remove the wood burning stove.  This enabled me to strip all the tiles off the wall behind the fire with a hammer and cold chisel (hard going).  Then I had to remove the plaster by hand to expose the brickwork (more hard going). 


Removing the brick hearth with the hammer and cold chisel was going to take until eternity.  Fortunately my brother-in law took pity on me and kindly loaned me his electric jack hammer.  This turned the removal into a five minute task.  The area has now been prepared for plastering.  I also filled the flue hole in the ceiling.

As we are planning to replace the floating timber floor it seemed like a good idea to remove the linen cupboard.  This will give us more room in the lounge.  I took to the first wall with a club hammer and demolished it in 30 minutes. 


Wall ‘A’ now removed.  I‘ve deferred removing wall ‘B’ because I established it’s load bearing.  There is a ‘Jack Stud’ on top of the wall holding up one of the roof trusses.  We now need to make a decision whether to remove the wall.

As you would expect, the house is full of fine dust.

Yesterday the first solar system installer visited for a site inspection and has now provided a quote for a 6.5kW grid tied system.  The second installer arrives tomorrow for his site inspection.  The third installer has provided a quotation without visiting the property.

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Nice work both of you.