Monday, 16 July 2018

Another busy weekend

Jan is tired of living in a construction site and I’m becoming exhausted with the workload.  I just don’t appear to the energy that I had a decade ago! 

The channel has been cut out of the brick wall in the lounge room for the data and TV coaxial cables.  I used the angle grinder and it filled the house with dust.  Jan hid in the spare bedroom until all the dust had settled.


The square hole for the mounting box was made using a masonry drill bit and cold chisel.  There must be a cleaner way of completing this type of task but I don’t have the tools for it.  After clean all the rubble I vacuumed the timber floor and then left the vacuum cleaner running for 30 minutes to filter the air.  

The next task was to sand back the plaster on the ceiling patch.  Of course this resulted in the air once again being filled with dust.  More vacuuming!  This area will require a second coat of plaster and obviously more sanding.  In the meantime the lounge ceiling was cleaned and the various fittings masked before giving it two coats of flat white paint.

Then I returned to the cable channel and wired in the TV coaxial and ethernet cables. 


The latter proved to be a slight challenge as a “special tool” is required to insert the wires into the ethernet connector.  I don’t have the tool and I’m not buying one for a “once only” job.  In the end I used the back edge of a Stanley Knife blade to secure the wires. 

There was a knock at the door which Jan answered.  Postman Wee had a parcel delivery addressed to Jan.  It was the cast iron Dutch Oven she had found online and purchased for my planned outback trip.


I’ve been spending some of my evenings reading about Dutch Oven cooking.  Apparently the oven requires seasoning before it can be used.

Back to the kitchen project.  The gas hob has been installed.


Slightly larger than the hob on Waiouru Smile.  There has also been a test fit with the sink.


It hasn’t been installed because the edges need polishing.

I need to get the coaxial and ethernet cabling completed so the channel can be filled.  Then the lounge room walls be painted.  Oh, I’ve also purchased three single gang wall light switches to replace the grubby old switches in the lounge.

Time is getting away on me!

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