Wednesday, 18 July 2018

A knock at the door

This morning we (almost) didn’t hear the knock at the door.  It was a contractor from WesternPower, the government corporation responsible for electrical distribution in Western Australia.  He wanted to replace the consumption meter on our main switchboard in anticipation of us having the solar array fitted early next month.

We now have a nice new meter.


This meter records how much electricity we generate and export back to the grid.  WesternPower will pay us 7 cents for every kWh we export.  We pay them 39 cents for every kWh we import from them. 

The TV wall has now been painted and everything reinstated.


No sign of that channel now.  The shelving in the pantry has now been installed.  I must remember to take a photo.  There’s some outstanding minor cosmetic work to the cornices and the air conditioning vent needs to be reinstated.  

Jan has accepted a quote to replace the floating timber floor throughout the house. 

With some spare time I decided to fit the second set of rims and tyres to the 4x4.  The Kumho Road Venture MT265/75R16 tyres are for the outback trip but I want to give them a chance to settle before we leave.  It will also give me an opportunity to see if there are any issues.

With the larger diameter tyres the 4x4 is now 20mm higher off the ground and the speedo is 100% accurate.


I’m assuming fuel economy will get worse as the engine now needs to work harder to turn a larger and heavier set of tyres. 

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Daykin said...

Are they Smart Meters like we have in the UK ?