Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Return of Mr Wee

You may (or may not) be delighted to read the replacement USB port in the Samsung tablet has worked a treat.  It now takes only 2.5 hours to recharge, rather than the original 24 hours.  Moreover the tablet appears to hold its charge much better…. success!

Friday morning saw the unexpected return of Mr Wee (Postman Pat) who delivered the camera gimbal ordered directly from China.  What a surprise.  I’d been expecting it to arrive in early July.  Of course it’s a direct (parallel) import and; like the camera; the included instructions were in Chinese.  That meant several hours of fun attempting to understand how to make the darned thing operate.


I’ve got it sorted and can now move my hand in any direction whilst the camera remains stable.  If you walk around holding the camera the recorded video tends to bounce around.  The gimbal effectively solves this problem. 

Having worked that out I decided to make a start on the camera mounting brackets for the front and rear of the trailer.  The bracket will secure the gimbal to the trailer and (hopefully) remove some of the trailer vibration whilst 4x4 driving in the outback.


I’ve also downloads the Xiaomi Camera App to my Samsung phone and worked out how to wirelessly link the camera to the phone using the App.  This enables me to remotely control the camera from the phone.  If I get this right I should be able to operate the camera when it’s mounted on the trailer from inside the vehicle.

I’m now thinking “Wouldn’t this have been great on Waiouru.  The camera could have been mounted on the cratch board and we would have 360° remote control video recording.”

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