Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Not hungry and its gone!

Yesterday the camping solar panels were placed out in full sun this morning only to discover no power going into the battery.  That was a shock….. until I realised the battery was already 100% charged.

By the end of the day the next project had started and the kitchen was gone.


The area looks larger without the alcoves for the fridge and pantry.  Jan was pleased to discover the high load bearing beam parallel to the outer wall is a steel beam with brick infill above.  She will have somewhere strong to mount her canal plates.

The removed block wall was load bearing, holding up a row of roof joists.  The load is now being carried by a strongback made of Douglas Fir.  It’s the large lighter coloured beam on the photo below.  The rest of the roof timber is Jarrah which is an Australian hardwood and very strong.


The back wall of the pantry has been framed out in pine 4x4.  The original window in the pantry will be replaced with a smaller one which will be installed tomorrow by the glazier.


This morning the wall between the pantry and kitchen areas was framed out and partially clad in plasterboard.


Jan has placed a piece of plasterboard across the doorway to the pantry to stop Molly from entering.  The alcove to the left of the doorway is for the fridge and the one to the right will house the wall oven and cupboards.

We have been looking at flooring options and decided on vinyl planks.  They look like natural timber but are more hardwearing.  Moreover if one gets damaged it’s a reasonably simple task to lift and replace the damaged strip.

Late this afternoon Courier Ranji delivered the 4x4 recovery tracks (bright green) and the two burner camp stove.


I’m not planning on getting the 4x4 bogged so hopefully I won’t be forced to use the recovery tracks.  The gas stove wasn’t the cheapest (despite Jan finding a discount code).  however the cheaper stoves don’t put out as much heat (8000BTU –vs- 25,000BTU).  I think i’ve already mentioned I plan to make the trailer kitchen from plywood.

Oh…. we’re not starving without a kitchen.  Jan is using the laundry…. and it’s not the first time she has done that!


Ade said...

Blimey that’s coming on quick. Nice work Tom. Well supervised and designed Jan. Probably should mention Jan being mutiskilled in the kitchen using the laundry kitchen to produce fine fair for Tom no doubt.

Tom and Jan said...

Ade all the cooking is "one pot" in the Remoska Jan bought whilst we were on Waiouru.