Tuesday, 5 June 2018

No much has happened

Jan is pleased with the arrival of two of her three new kitchen appliances.  She opted for a 5 ring gas hob and a NEFF wall oven which have both been delivered.  The Bosh dishwasher has been ordered and paid for in anticipation of the kitchen renovations commencing this month.

Molly is settling in with minimal fuss…. except she has taken to using the lounge rug as the toilet instead of the back lawn.   Obviously not a male, otherwise she’d be in the hedgerow. Smile

There was an early morning storm accompanied by strong winds which managed to blow over and smash five of the concrete roof tiles I’d pressure washed.  They had been cleaned in anticipation of installing them on the roof as part of my plan to remove the log fire chimney <grrrr>.  Oh well, another trip north to purchase more used roof tiles.

The bulk of the remains of the two large trees in the front lawn has been spread as mulch on the garden beds and I’ve managed to stuff the last of the foliage from the smaller third tree into the rubbish bin.  All that remains on this task is to cut down the trunk of the third tree and dig out the stump.

I have yet to successfully configure the second router to create a wireless bridge.  Actually my frustration has resulted in losing interest on the project for the time being.

There hasn’t been any news from the dealer regarding the arrival date for the off-road camper trailer so I might have to phone them for an update. 

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