Wednesday, 20 June 2018

No email advice of Blog Comments

Thank you to reader who left a test blog comment.  Unfortunately my work-around appears to have been unsuccessful.

Google have been aware of the email problem since late May <link here> and advised users they were working on a fix.  Obviously that has still to occur!  My assumption is the problem doesn’t affect revenue and therefore isn’t a priority.

One other thing I’ve noticed with Blogger is a requirement on some blogs to create a Google+ account before I can leave a comment.  I refuse to join Google+ as I believe Google already has enough of my personal data.  I’ve done some further research into the link between Google+ and Blogger.  This is what I found

Some time ago Google announced it was creating a Google plus commenting system, and by 2016 it was made available for BlogSpot blogs. Google said “Compare to default blogger commenting system, Google plus commenting system gives you more power to go social, and will help you to build a better community around your BlogSpot blog. If you have a blogger enabled blog, you should consider enabling Google plus comment system on your blog.” 

Google is suggesting integrating Google+ with Blogger will increase your blog traffic.  My understanding is Google+ was Google’s attempt to provide a product similar to Facebook.  Of course both Google and Facebook want your data for marketing purposes.  But that’s not high on the list of information they provide.

Here’s another fact buried in the detail

If your blog readers don’t have a Google plus profile, he will not be able to comment. Though, he will be prompted to create one.

So if you link you Blog to Google+ any reader who wants to leave comment has to also have a Google+ account. 


Jenny and Robin said...

As we found out when I had a fiddle and you could not comment on our blog. I promptly changed it back.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Work around for me was to tick the "notify me for follow up comments" box when I post the blog entry.. if comments are working this would generate two emails, but as it isn't I just get the one..

Tom and Jan said...

Steve I tried that and it didn't work for me! :-(

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Just seen this .. never know it may work! :o)