Friday, 29 June 2018

Let there be light

Yesterday we went to the local Lighting warehouse where Jan selected three down lights, a four light panel, three circular bedroom ceiling lights and a strip light; all LED.  This morning I made a start on modifying the kitchen wiring.  Now that the kitchen is wider the light that was in the centre of the ceiling is offset.  I needed to move it and also fit the three down lights which will go above the bench tops.


You might be able to see the hole in the ceiling behind the light in the centre of the above photo.  This is where the sole kitchen light used to be.  I’ve moved the cable to the left.  It has a small piece of red tape around it.  The plastic wrapping has been left on the down lights as the ceiling needs to be painted.

The position of the light in the pantry also needed moving.  This left me with two hole requiring filling.  There are various methods for doing this and I used two.  In the pantry I cut an oversized piece of plasterboard  down in size but bigger than the hole.  The scrap came from one of the round down light holes I’d cut.  I threaded a piece for string through a hole in the centre of the patch tying it to a small nail on the opposite side.  After smearing glue on one side I slipped it up through the hole pulling it into place with the string.


Hole I had to cut to remove the original light fitting and the new cable behind.


My piece of scrap plasterboard


Pulled into place and waiting for the glue to set.  I’ll then cut off the string and either fit in another patch or just plaster over the hole.

With the second hole I used the original circular piece of plasterboard holding it in place with a couple of nails whilst the glue cured.


The plumbers has completed the water/waste/gas first fit.  He will return after the cabinets are installed.  I’m very reluctant to attempt any plumbing or gas work, which is quite funny and my brother-in-law is a plumber and will have nothing to do with that “invisible electricity”.

More components have arrived for the 4x4 and trailer.  It only took five days for the UltraGauge to arrive from Oregon USA.  FedEx was very quick.  The route was Oregon to California and on to Singapore.  Then down to Perth.  The GME Two way radio and windscreen aerial have also been delivered along with the Batwing Awning for the trailer.  Earlier today another courier delivered the exhaust lift jack.  So there is plenty to keep me busy!

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