Wednesday, 6 June 2018

It was failing

If you’ve been reading the blog over the last year you might remember I replaced the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 tablet.  I tend to use the tablet in the evening to watch programs streamed from the media server whilst Jan used the large TV.  

Recently I’d noticed it was taking longer to recharge the battery.  Sometimes up to 24 hours!  Occasionally the battery would discharge instead of charging.  So I did a little searching around and was able to purchase a replacement charger port via eBay for $2.52.  Today I replaced the port.

To remove the back I used a plastic prying tool which looks very similar to a guitar pick.  This could have been achieved with a credit card but we don’t have one of those. 


With the back off the end of the ribbon cable and it’s connector (A) were exposed.  There is another ribbon push one connector at (B).  The USB charging socket is secured to the frame with two tiny philips screws.  I used the guitar pick to removed the two ribbon cable ends and a very small cross tipped screw driver for the screws.  Actually my eyesight is now so poor I needed to also use a magnifying glass to see the screw heads.



The plastic grey trim needed to be pulled away from the edge of the tablet to free the metal end of the USB port.  The port has two tiny hooks which clip over the end of the edge.  The entire USB assembly could then be removed.


Port assembly removed.

It was then a matter of reversing the process to re-install the new port assembly. 


Everything back together and now all I need to do is press the back cover on.   Oooppps.   Better check the port is working before that!

Yes, the tablet is charging via the new port.  I now need to test whether it charges any faster.

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Catherine VK4GH said...

Thanks for that Tom. We have the same tablet, and the charging port is already sus. John bought some of these repair tools a while ago and they are quite handy, and will tackle this job when the need arises, with the help of your great photos.