Saturday, 23 June 2018

I think I’ve fixed the Blogger Comments issue

I may just have discovered how to fix the problem of Blogger not sending me an email when a reader send me a comment for moderation and publication.  After implementing my “fix” yesterday I received my first email notification today.

These are the steps I took

  1. Load the Blogger Template
  2. Go to ‘Settings
  3. Click on ‘Post, comments and sharing’
  4. Delete your email address in the ‘Comment moderation’ box and then the ‘Save’ button
  5. Re-enter your email address and save it again
  6. Click on the “Email’ setting below the ‘Post, comments and sharing’ option
  7. Repeat the process of deleting, saving, re-entering and saving your email address

My guess is Google “lost” your email address when they did some recent changes to Blogger and their “fix” didn’t recover the address.


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom, Giving your theory a go. When I redid the first email, I got one sent through to me inviting me to moderate comments. Just need to see if it works when people actually comment, it hasn't when I commented on Oleanna.

Pip and Mick said...

Thanks Tom, it works! Hooray!!

nb Chuffed said...

I'm glad it's working Tom, just in time for me to tell you we saw Waiouru today! On their way up the North Oxford towards Hawkesbury Junction. We said hello and checked they were enjoying it - an enthusiastic yes! was the answer
I'll be trying your blogger fix too, sounds logical

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Debby
Hope the "fix" works for you. We still miss living on NB Waiouru. She is a lovely boat.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom & Jan
Thought you might like an update from old Blighty! (Sara & Mark NB Doolali Tap)
Waiouru’s moored with us again in Dunchurch Pools Marina . . Mark did some work on her recently. Jaquie and Mark came round for a cuppa last weekend!
How’s Things in Oz?
Sara XxX ^v^🕸

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sara,
Always nice to hear from Albion or "The Old Dart" as my grandfather would say! It's been good to read Waiouru has been getting used. We're halfway through our second Oz winter since returning to Perth and they are (of course) nothing like UK winters. A few heavy downpours and some dew on the grass in the morning. We've not had any need to light a fire or even cuddle each other to keep warm :-) The thing we miss the most is the canal community. Still, as one door shuts, somewhere another opens!