Saturday, 2 June 2018

Crowded House

I’m now outnumbered as second female has moved into the house.  This has happened previously and I learned to live with it but I’m now re-learning all those old lessons.  A wise Iranian acquaintance once told me to always have an odd number of wives.  Apparently if you have them in even numbers they unite and gang up on you!

I’ve no intention of having more than one wife (I’d be financially crippled by a second and physically crippled by the first).  This second female is a squeaker who needs housetraining. At the moment the three of us sleep in the bedroom.  I might add; with only two in the bed. 



The latest project is to resurrect the nine year old Linksys 610N wireless router using it to create an internet wireless repeater.  The original Linksys firmware doesn’t have the wireless repeater capability so I’ve re-flashed the firmware converting the router to operate using DD-WRT which does have this capability.  The intention is to have the main wireless router in the study at one end of the house with the modified Linksys router at the other end of the house.  The two will be linked together wirelessly and both will broadcast the same wireless network.  This has three benefits.  It provides better wireless coverage throughout the house and I can position the second router near the main switchboard.  This will enable me to connect the 240V electrical consumption monitor to it.  Finally, when we fit the solar panels the inverter will wirelessly connect to the Linksys router allowing me to monitor the performance of the panels.

I have yet another project in the embryonic stage.  More on that later.


Pip and Mick said...

Jan said that she wanted a dog when you returned to Perth. It's only taken you a year. Tilly would like to know what you've called your four legged friend.

Jenny and Robin said...

Don't keep it a secret what is the name of the new female in your life.