Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A cracked tile and another project

Jan was looking up through the hole in the kitchen ceiling when she noticed blue sky…. which isn’t unusual for Perth (the blue sky I mean!).  However seeing it through the roof is unusual.


We have a cracked concrete roof tile.  Another task for me to do!

Meanwhile the LED lights for the camper trailer were begging for attention.  We have two 5 metre lengths of flexible and waterproof LED’s which cost $12 each from a Hong Kong seller.  I decided to test them using the trailer AGM battery.  The first task was to make a pigtail lead using some bullet connects which connects to a 12V cigarette plug.  The bullet connector allow for one or two set of lights to be used.  It also allows for the lights to be rolled and stowed when not required.


Pigtail Lead

Each length of lights came with it’s own controller box which reduces the 12V down to 5V and also has an infra-red remote sensor.  There’s also a remote control which enables various colours to be selected along with mood lighting (strobe, flashing, dimming, etc).  There are 15 colours to select but we are only likely to use white or red.  Red is good in the outback as it doesn’t tend to attract insects.


Hey…… we could hold a disco out in the Never Never.  that would scare the camels, dingos and kangaroos.

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