Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Reader Comments

Local blog reader Ken left a message expressing some concern that my washing machine stand may be insufficiently braced and the continual vibration from the washing machine might cause the stand to start disintegrating.  Amongst other things, Ken is a builder so I take his observations seriously.  I doubt the top of the stand will fail as it’s a solid panel held by glue and multiple screws.  However the base doesn’t have any diagonal bracing apart from triangular blocks in the four corners.  So today I made and fitted some cross bracing which has been both glued and screwed.


I’m not sure if my explanation of the adjustable feet in the last post was adequate so here is another photo.


Ken also mentioned the possibility of water leaking from the washing machine onto the top of the stand and getting into the joints.  The glue I’ve used is PVA and will eventually dissolve when it comes into contact with water.

I’ve decided to try sealing the four sides of the top of the stand by employing the method used by Nick, the engineer who sealed the shower panels on Waiouru.  The important thing to do is to NOT use a silicon sealer.  This type of product eventually fails and it’s a messy job replacing it.  Nick used construction glue (No More Nails, Sikaflex, etc).  This is both waterproof and almost permanent.

His technique was to use masking tape to mask either side of the joint to be sealed.


Then apply a bead of glue into the join before smearing the adhesive between the two edges of the tape with your index finger.  Keep dipping your finger into mineral turps (or white spirits) as you do this.  The turps will prevent the adhesive from sticking to your finger and create a smooth surface.  Then remove the masking tape.


I removed the tape too soon and also didn’t have the correct pressure on the adhesive when smearing it.  Obviously this is an acquired skill.  Fortunately these joins will all be obscured by the washing machine.

I just need to drill a drainage hole through the back timber support.

Hi Jaq,  One of the many qualities I liked about Les was his willingness to give things a go.  Whilst I don’t think he had any formal training, he was skilled with his hands.  Moreover if he didn’t know something he was quite willing to seek advice and then attempt to complete the task.   


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...I think I'd be worried about the adjustable feet... once our machine get's going on a spin cycle it generates a fair amount of force, are the feet plastic???

Tom and Jan said...

Yes plastic Steve. At least they will be the easiest thing to replace­čśä