Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Disappearing Act

It’s the end of Day 2 of the disappearing act and I’ve staggered inside for a refreshing cleansing cold ale.

You may recall I planned to remove the old garden shed.


It’s taken me two half days to demolish it and load all the components onto a borrowed trailer.


The hardest part proved to be the seven vertical post which had been concreted into the ground.  After digging out three, I realised the plan was to lay a larger concrete slab for the new shed.  This meant I could leave the concrete foundations in the ground to be covered by the new slad and cut off the steel posts with my Aldi angle grinder.

I had planned to load the trailer with both the shed and tree pruning's but then decided separating them at the council tip might involve some strenuous exercise.   I’ll make separate trips instead


The orange tree will need to be removed.  Its to the left of the rotary clothesline.  There’s no point in keeping the tree as the fruit tastes foul.  I suspect the roots may have grown into the sewer pipe.  The neighbours trees have also grown over our boundary fence and will also have to be cut back.


My plan is to erect a slightly larger shed on a concrete pad.  Once the shed has been constructed I’ll remove the rotary clothesline.   Jan will then use the linear clothesline which is where I currently have the workbenches.

No rest for the wicked!


Jenny said...

Pleased you have another clothes line for Jan to use. If she is anything like me, she will want to keep the washing up to date.

Tom and Jan said...


I like to think I'm spoiling Jan as the new clothesline is located under the verandah/carport. She won't have to go out into the burning sun to hang the wet laundry :-)