Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Catch up

Suddenly I realised several days had elapsed since the last post.  I wouldn’t want you to think I’ve fallen off my perch so I’d better catch up on what’s been happening.

I dropped my Triton Biscuit Joiner and broke the safety guide on one side



The successful Triton range of tools was designed and made in Australia and I thought it would be relatively easy to purchase spare parts.  How wrong I was!  Eventually I found a supplier… in England of all places.  Well the postage almost cost more than the part. 


However the tool is now repaired which will enable me to continue with the manufacturing of the display cabinet.

The Lithium battery experiment has been completed.  The six good Lithium-ion cells fitted snuggly inside the old battery case for the portable drill.  I needed some wire and eventually managed to “harvest” some by cutting a few surplus plugs off one of the spare desktop pc power supplies.


The BMS was then connected to the cells


That’s when I realised the top of the battery case was damaged.  Fortunately I had some two-pack epoxy glue


Everything went back together and I now have a working Lithium battery for the old portable drill.

My sister and brother-in-law came around on Saturday which was very useful as I needed help to move Jan’s heavy altar into the house.  She no longer has to abased herself.  The new altar position allows her to worship on her knees!


The drawer for the stand still needs to be made and installed.

The latest project is a cabinet for the two desktop computers, router, Raspberry Pi and network switch. 


It will go on the wall in the back bedroom where it will form part of my study.


Catherine VK4GH said...

Washing machine stand is just great. Did Jan ask for a drawer? I told my DH about it and that I always wanted one, and he has reluctantly agreed, once we move into the house (on a boat now). Why else does he have all those tools, but to make useful things for me?

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Catherine

The drawer was my idea. After living on a small boat you like to use all available space. Careful; your DH might demand a 'man shed' if you are to have things made by him! :-)

Catherine VK4GH said...

Already has a man shed at the house, separate from the car garage. It is 8m x 12m, and calls it a small shed, because the last shed he had was 9m x 16m!

Tom and Jan said...

In that case I'll settle for a 'tiny' man shed :-)