Friday, 13 April 2018

Stuff from the sky

Yesterday there was “stuff” falling from the sky, it was cool, opaque and slippery!  A Brit tourist told us it was rain!   Of course…. I should have remembered.  We last experienced it six months ago!  Autumn has arrived with the temperature dropping to the low 20’s.  I’ve turned off the water reticulation controller which should have a positive impact on our electricity bill.

Jan has been issuing veiled threats towards Australia Post.  The delivery of her UK magazines has been very erratic and they’ve also been arriving in the wrong sequence.  She has come to the conclusion Australia Post should outsource their postal deliveries to the Jehovah’s Witnesses because THEY ALWAYS KNOCK!

Rather than sit around watching the rain I decided to see what small task could be completed.  All the small scraps of plywood and pine had been consigned to the rubbish bin several weeks ago.  However the hardwood is more valuable and I’d been keeping it.  Today I made this interesting box from scraps of Jarrah.


After all the rough edges had been planed smooth I gave it a quick sanding.  The oil stone is a perfect fit.


I think I found this oil stone 44 years ago in an overgrown ditch I was clearing.  It’s taken me a few years to make a case. Smile

Jan then told me our new bed required burping.  She had already removed the bedding in anticipation.  For those who have never owned a waterbed you never manage to extract all the small air bubbles when you fill it.  Eventually the all combine to form one or more large bubbles on top of the water which can result in some uncomfortable nights.


I’m unwilling to purchase or rent an extractor pump so my technique is to carefully remove the filler cap and place my mouth over the opening sealing it.  I then pull the outlet upwards with my hands.  This draws all the air bubbles to the outlet as it’s now the high point.


Then it’s a case of exhaling through my nose and inhaling through my mouth whilst keeping an eye on the mattress to avoid inhaling the water.    

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