Friday, 20 April 2018

Covering the map

Lately we’ve been remising about our six years in the UK and our journey around the inland waterways.  It’s true we miss the lifestyle and canal community.  I did a quick internet search and found a map which I think is from British Waterways.  Using a drawing program I overlayed our travels in bright green to see just how much of the network we managed to cruise.

canal network

As you can see we didn’t manage the Ribble Link and Lancaster Canal.  Neither did we make it to the Fens.  But we did manage to cover most of it.

Rain has been forecast for the weekend which will be a change.  Autumn has started to put in an appearance and it’s interesting to read boater’s blog where they are starting their six monthly cruising season <sigh>.  Ah, but some of the components for the modifications to my camper trailer have started to arrive from China.  The trailer is due towards the end of June and I’m planning my first trip for August. 


Ade said...

Tom what you thinking 2020 you’ll have the desert crossing camping trips done, it’ll be time to head back and finish the bits you didn’t get to cruise 😉😀😀. We’ll catch you then!

Tom and Jan said...

Great idea Ade. Just have to hope the body holds up!