Monday, 26 March 2018

Machine Repairs

Well Jan’s Pfaff sewing machine does sew standard stitching and it has been useful in making the sand flag.  Unfortunately the expensive part of the machine doesn’t work.  There are sixteen buttons and an LCD panel on the front.  By pressing the buttons and entering specific codes the machine can sew 90 different stitches.  However Jan discovered that each time she pressed a switch there was a slight “crunch” sound and the switch locked into that position.  The manual does say that the machine should be serviced every two years with light usage and annually for heavy usage.  This machine was purchased in 1984 and has never been serviced.  Moreover it's been in storage for seven years. 

With nothing to lose I decided to disassemble the machine.  Of course I don’t have a repair manual so the whole process became a matter of trial and error.  With my luck, as you would expect, the control panel is one of the last items to remove.

The top had to be disassembled to gain access to the panel top securing screws.  Then I needed to start disassembling the base. 


After numerous experiences in my younger days of racing into a project only to finish with a pile of “left over parts” these days I tend to take photos of the more difficult stages.


Just making sure I have a record of what plug goes where


Almost there


Once I had the panel apart there was access to the micro switches behind the frozen buttons. At this point WD40 was my friend. Each micro switch was carefully manipulated +/- or ON/OFF until the frozen mechanism was loosened and the switch would move freely. 

The machine was then partially assembled before being connected to the 240V and the switches tested.  They all now work!   I’ll finish assembling the machine tomorrow.   


Quaysider said...

Sorry - When went to publish from my email account, I hit delete and your amusing comment disappeared forever... not intentionally. At least in the coffin, they wont be disturbing me to check my blood pressure ;)

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

I am just having a blog catch up and wow Tom, I'm exhausted just reading to keep up with you! It makes me wonder what you were like as a small boy. You have an insatiable curiosity (as did Les) and I'll bet it led to all kinds of places and experiences, sanctioned and unsanctioned shall we say??!

Love and hugs to you both,

Jaq xxx

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jaq

Yes, I think Les and I are kindred souls! :-) I'm getting better with age...... In my early days I used to have a large number of "surplus bits" after re-assembling the device :-)

Best of luck with the employment hunting. As one door shuts somewhere another is opening!