Friday, 16 March 2018

LED Project Completed

Today was cool enough to work outside on the Isuzu.  I’d made up a lead for the LED and then tested the LED actually illuminated using my new 12V power supply (the pc power supply). 

After looking at the dash I decided to fit it on the air conditioning control panel.  It will be high enough to be obvious, but not so high as to be a distraction if driving in 4x4 at night (not that I plan to do that)

The LED specifications stated it had a 5mm barrel but I discovered it actually required a 6mm hole in the panel.  I secured the fitting with a small plastic cable tie and some glue.


All the wiring connections were then made using crimp connectors followed by a second test to ensure the LED illuminated.


The LED doesn’t illuminate when the Isuzu is in two wheel drive.

Turn the knob to 4WD and we have light


1 comment :

Ade said...

Nice work Tom, I won’t say looks factory fitted but very neat.