Sunday, 4 March 2018


Well that was a failed effort!  The attempt to remove the warp in the base of the sewing cabinet didn’t work.  After closely examining my first effort (wearing my specs this time) I realised the rectangular length of hardwood I’d glued in place to straighten out the particle board base was riding on top of a metal mounting plate for the castor.  This had the effect of raising one end of the hardwood support by 3mm. 

I knocked out the hardwood with a hammer and changed my method.  This time the length of hardwood doesn’t ride over the mounting plate and I’ve also cut a small triangular piece of hardwood which has been glued into the corner.


I’m hoping planning on this being more successful.

Yesterday we had a visit from local blog reader Ken and his lovely wife, Elaine. 


We spent a very pleasant afternoon conversing about all things narrowboat whilst I burned the sausages on the BBQ.  You might have noticed Elaine is holding what looks to be a Pearsons Guide.  Yes, they have booked their 2018 canal holiday and plan to spend three weeks cruising the Cheshire Ring during late August – early September.  So if you happen to see a Black Prince boat with a crew that looks slightly lost, then blame me for giving poor directions!  Oh…. we did talk toilets!

As for us…… We will be visiting more ‘open homes’ today in our continuing search for somewhere permanent to live.

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